World Championship in Portugal

Live from Portugal

In these hours our team of analysts is engaged in the waters of Vilamoura in Portugal to support the athletes and coaches in the correct interpretation of the competition field and in the development of the strategy.

To understand our work in support of an Olympic team it is necessary to understand what tools are used. We can consider an effective approach to the study of the territory the one that crosses three zoom levels: Satellite Analysis, Modeling Production and Micrometeorological Analysis. Satellite Analysis – Understanding global dynamics is the only way to contextualize local phenomena and really understand them. The satellite allows to cross maps of atmospheric pressure and wind dynamics associated with cloud systems.

Modeling Production – There are numerous mathematical models, at different resolution meshes and with different physical characteristics, to understand which is the ‘best’ in a given location it is necessary to compare the forecast data with the pressure and convection scenarios that result from the visualization from satellite.


Micrometeorology – The substantial difference is given by the Micrometeorological approach. Each locality is characterized by specific micro climatological qualities dictated by physical phenomena that are valid at the local level. These phenomena can make the Mathematical Models completely wrong and therefore the meteorological forecast is useless. In reality it is possible to study these phenomena through the collection of numerous information through special sensors and human observations and then build a database elaborated by artificial intelligences trained to respond to the needs of that specific location.

The nPhysis team specializes in Big Data and Data Driven Forecasting, our specialists are able to break down the limits of mathematical models and build useful technologies to achieve forecast detail at a scale of less than square km.

This approach is the basis of a good strategy for winning a world competition such as the Olympic Games.

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