Our offer embraces several application fields:


Performance and predictive analysis, strategy planning, partnership with olympic teams, adventurers and athletes, events support and management.


Dashboards, APIs and widgets for ski resorts and mountain tourist activities. Provision of highly accurate and dedicated forecasts and alerts.


Dashboards, APIs, predictive tools, multimedia displays and widgets for marines, yachting, shipping companies, cruises, etc..


Consultancy and development of applications for the supply or integration of enviromental data along paths or routes for the transport industry.


Scientific advisory, efficiency and feasibility studies for weather-related energy sources (hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind turbines, etc.).


Development of predictive & statistical models for weather-related risk assessment and economic trends analysis of certain areas or industry.


Consultancy and software development for the environmental impact assessment, the dispersion of pollutants and the climatic conditions in general relating to industrial plants or sites.


Development of models and alerts for geo-localized and crop-related atmospheric phenomena. Data integration, enhancement of existing systems and consultancy.


Development of APIs, Apps, dashboards and models for general and personal services influenced by environmental conditions.

Featured Cases

stranded, composing, landscape

Consulting and risk assessment for CAVES: Cooperative Adventure for Valuing and Exercising human behaviour and performance Skills. The two-week course prepares astronauts to work safely and effectively in multicultural teams in an environment where safety is critical – in caves.
CAVES presents the astronauts with environments and situations very similar to spaceflight, to help them transfer the
learning from their caving expedition to space.


European Astronaut Centre

Alex Bellini is an adventurer, speaker and mental coach. Over the last 15 years, he rowed solo across two oceans for more than 35.000 km, walked through polar routes for 2.000 km and ran on different terrains for a total of 20.000 km.

Riccardo Ravagnan (nPhysis) was the weather advisor of his winter expedition through Europe’s largest glacier between January and February 2017. He said “Riccardo has distinguished himself for precision, availability and competence. His ability to work in team and his inexhaustible enthusiasm contributed to the success of the expedition.”.

The 5th Element LTD

Alex Bellini


In 2019, for the third year in a row the Cetilar Racing team managed to conclude with the Dallara-Gibson number 47 what is certainly the most exhausting race ever. The LMP2 crowned by the eleventh place in the category. Roberto Lacorte, Giorgio Sernagiotto and Andrea Belicchi were again protagonists of a real masterpiece, closing thirteenth in category and eighteenth overall. Riccardo Ravagnan ― nPhysis ― was a member of the shore team to monitor the change in environmental conditions during the 24 hours and along the entire route. Predicting the behavior of the environment is a fundamental strategic component even in motor racing.

24 Heures du Mans

The Legend of Motor Sports

Limestone quarry, 2020 ― Environmental impact assessment for the potential consequences of the intervention on local dynamics of the winds and tourism economy .
The consulting activity takes the form of an analysis of meteorological phenomena affecting contact with the earth’s surface. The environmental fluid dynamics report studies problems related to motion fields in complex orographies and allows to reconstruct the micrometeorological scenario. The micro-scale study of the territory is performed with the aid of information technology.
The report assesses the possible dispersion and fallout of solid particles produced by the mining activity, possibly subject to a dedicated quantitative modeling simulation.

Limestone Quarry