TOKYO 2020

TOKYO 2020. During the last Olympic Games @nphysis and its partner @meteomed provided technical services for two Olympic teams and thus contributed to the win of two important medals in the sailing categories.

Meteomed provided the mathematical models for meteorological data, while nPhysis developed the technological platform. In particular, nPhysis’ team was able to create a high-resolution map (about 1.5 km) of Enoshima’s regatta fields, in order to detect the effects of theterritory’s morphology on the local meteorological phenomena detected by Meteomed. In addition to the cartography, a dynamic report was also created: an application of great support to the interpretation of daily weather data that Riccardo Ravagnan gave during the Olympic Games as the personal Weather Strategist of the Spanish Sailing Federation. Thanks to the collaboraion of meteorologists @Andrea Vuolo, @Federico Brescia and @Jacopo Zannoni, nPhysis was also able to support the Mexican Olympic Team, as its official consultant.

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