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Our work rests on the understanding of the reference context, on the dynamics of the sector and on the requirements of the customer. Thus, every year we invest in knowledge progression, learning enhancement and the development of new skills.

We study the evolution of micrometeorology, geomatics, precision geotechnology, trends and best practices to accomplish tasks in the most effective way, both locally and globally.

Micrometeorology translates into monitoring, analyzing and interpretingmeteorological phenomena that impact Earth’s surface by carrying out a study at microscale. In the field of applied micrometeorology, modeling has become more and more of interest

This field of study is commonly associated with the analysis of atmospheric pollution, the dispersion of polluting emissions and its consequent distribution on the ground.


environmental consultancy | micrometeorology | environmental fluid dynamics geomatics | remote sensing | geotechnologies | artificial intelligence | data analytics environmental sustainability

Study cases

Environmental Risk Assessment, pollutants dispersion analysis, precision agriculture,forecasting systems of geological phenomena, study of acoustic & vibrational impact, consultancy for competitions or sporting events.

Data Science

Our strong IT background allows us to effectively manipulate large amounts of data and produce results using the latest technologies.

Our team includes physicists, geologists, meteorologists and engineers. When our expertise fall short, we rely on a consolidated network of partner companies and collaborators

We operate in compliance with the principles of project management, lean productionand the scrum system. Each project is assigned to a team member entrusted with directly dealing with the customer and seeing the task through.

SaaS, our highly integrable and versatile proprietary software, facilitates costumer interaction, enabling a simpler and more effective exchange of information for every party involved.

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In a nutshell

Dealing with micrometeorology and geomatics means studying meteorology- and climate-related phenomena at a local dimension, with high precision technologies andspecial focus on the unique needs of customers. Application contexts are extremely varied.

For instance, being able to forecast the amount of water present in the atmosphere that could descend to the ground and to determine the soil’s filtration capacity is fundamental for dealing with hydrogeological instability.

Rainfall threshold curves help assigning risk and vulnerability values.The study of wind conditions, sea currents or climatic chances on a microscale is essential to outdoor sports or to gaining advantage during regattas or ski races.

Not to mention, the number of pollutants present in the air and in the rains, especially, can alter the soil’s pH, which in return could affect the health of the plantsand thus reduce their structural role in the soil’s mechanics.